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Dalian abalone

Dalian abalone (Picture 1)


Dalian's abalone is a special product of Dalian, China. It is a high-quality variety in Baoke. It is known as the crown of seafood. Its meat is tender, fresh and not greasy; it is rich in nutrients. Known as the "soft gold" of the ocean. Abalone is a valuable marine edible shellfish. It is known as “table gold, marine treasures”. Its meat is tender and nutritious. The fresh edible protein is 24% and the fat is 0.44%. The dry product contains 40% protein and sugar 33.7. %, 0.9% fat and a variety of vitamins and trace elements, a high-protein, low-fat food that is very beneficial to the human body. Abalone is very tasty because it is rich in glutamic acid.

Abalones are usually grown on the sea floor with low water temperatures and travel throughout the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans. The best known places are northern Japan, Mexico, and traditional northeastern China. Dalian abalone, a species of primitive marine shellfish, a single-shell mollusk. Because it is shaped like a human ear, it is also called "Sea-ear." This variety was successfully cultured in Dalian for the first time. Now there are many farms in China. The meat is smooth and easy to survive. It is a standing variety of seafood restaurants and has excellent sales. Generally, 10 and 15 are the most popular.

Abalone is a traditional Chinese expensive food. Its meat is tender and fragrant. It is one of the eight "sea treasures" and is known as the "sea flavor champion". It is an extremely precious seafood and has always enjoyed a good reputation in the international market. Not only that, abalone is rich in nutrients and has a very high medicinal value. Studies have shown that abalone is high in protein, low in fat, complete in amino acids, reasonable in proportion, and rich in vitamin E and trace elements. At the same time, the content of physiological active substances such as EPA, DHA, taurine and superoxide dismutase in abalone meat is also abundant.

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