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Delicious salmon

Delicious salmon (Picture 1)


Salmon, mainly distributed in the waters of the Atlantic and the Pacific, and the North Ocean, which belongs to the highly swearing fish of cold water, and is known as the "Emperor of Ice Sea" by the International Food. Studies have shown that tuna and salmon are delicious, nutritious, and rich in biological active substances such as EPA and DHA, Japan use salmon with sashimi and sushi. More than 30 varieties of salmon have commercial value, the most common is 2 kinds of trout (three-text trout, golden trout) and 4 kinds of squid (Pacific salmon, Atlantic salmon, Arctic white sputum, white sputum).

The salmon is a cold water fish. Perched in freshwater, sea water, is trapped in the river. Mahaafish is a cold water to produce fish. The original inhabit in the northern part of the Pacific, 3 to 5 years after living in the ocean (usually 4-year-old maturity) is reproduced in the summer or autumn. According to the traceable time, it can be divided into two bioqual, summer and autumn, and trace into the "Heilongjiang in China" is only autumn type. Most of the eggs in the downstream, reaching the upstream spawning is only a few. They are along the river, day and night, no hard work, 30-35 kilometers every day and night, no matter what the shoal gorge is still the waterfall, it will not be refunded, rushing over the heavy resistance, until the destination. Fish can't eat after entering freshwater reproduction.

Although the Japanese people have not worried about the raw salmon, but the incidence of Japanese heopian nematode disease is not low in other countries. The wild salmon is more common, most common in heterogeneous nematodes, easy to cause abdominal pain, but sea water parasites cannot survive in the human body. In contrast, the parasites of cultivating salmon may be less. It is worth noting that freshwater cultivated rainbow trout will sometimes be used to be sashimi, but its risk is much greater than salmon. This is because parasites in freshwater fish can survive in the human body, the most common is liver insects. Therefore, the rainbow trout of fresh water is not eating.

In 1985, Minister Norwegian Minister's Minister of Fisheries led the national team to Japan to launch Norwegian salmon, expect to use salmon to do sushi, in 1994, Japan uses Norwegian salmon with sashimi and sushi. The salmon has been extinct from the verge of extinction. In the 1940s and 1950s, the Thames' salmon disappeared, which is the result of the construction of human damages and river pollution. In the past 100 years, human beings are fishing, and it is also the cause of some precious salmon species disappeared. With the development of technology, all worlds have begun to artificial breeding of salmon, ensuring the number of wild salmon, maintaining ecological balance, and greatly satisfying the needs of humanity.

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