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Harbin sausage

Harbin sausage (Picture 1)


Harbin sausage, native to Russia, Lithuania. In 1913, Harbin gradually prospered as a result of the construction of the Middle East Railway. Foreigners entered Harbin, China in large numbers, and brought red sausage to Harbin. This enema spread to Harbin for nearly a hundred years of history. Production of sausage with the main raw materials are meat, casing (animal casing, pig or cow intestine casing for the best), starch (potato starch best), garlic, salt and so on. Half of them are lean pork, about a third of fat pork, and some also lean beef, with the rest being starch and spices.

Harbin sausage representative of Harbin specialty. Harbin red sausage well, bright shiny products, fumigating aroma, delicious quality, fat but not greasy, high protein content, nutrient-rich, is a banquet, cold drinks on the finest cuisine, has become an indispensable gift for all sectors of the consumer gifts And consumer food. Harbin sausage has nearly a hundred years of history, a specialty of Northeast China, Heilongjiang specialty, Harbin specialty logo.

Harbin sausage materials: lean meat 30 kg, fat 20 kg, beef 50 kg, starch 10 kg, garlic 300 grams, 100 grams of pepper, pepper grains 50 grams, casings with pig or cow intestine casings. Production process is as follows:

1, pickled: The raw meat will be salted, so that the salt mixture evenly into the body. Calculated in accordance with the above ingredients, the general amount of salt is 2% of meat weight. At the same time, add 5% salt by weight of edible nitrate, lean first deboning, and fat were marinated, rub evenly, placed in 3 ~ 4℃ refrigerator (library) within 2 to 3 days.

2, mixing: the marinated meat cut into diced meat plus ingredients, into the minced meat grinder, and then poured into the starch dissolved in water and mix well, fat diced or pork can also be added at this time. Stir thoroughly with meat, stirring while adding water, add water to meat weight thirty percent, meat with sticky subject.

3, enema: the meat filling with sausage machine into the casing, filling meat every 18 centimeters after a section, turn clockwise into sections. Wear it with a wooden or aluminum rod.

4, smoked: the sausage into the oven baking, baking temperature is controlled at 65 ~ 80℃, the baking time by casings coarse and coarse were 0.5 to 1 hour. Baking standard casing was dry, red meat is better.

5, boiled: the sausage boiled, boiled temperature is 80℃, boiled time due to the different types of casing, sheep casing 10 to 15 minutes. Pig casing 20 to 30 minutes, cattle casing 0.5 to 1.0 hours. Boiled water is the standard hard, flexible Serve.

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