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Italian dessert Tiramisu

Italian dessert Tiramisu (Picture 1)


Tiramisu is an Italian dessert with a coffee flavor. Mascarpone cheese is used as the main material, and the sponge cake of traditional dessert is replaced by finger biscuits, and other materials such as coffee and cocoa powder are added. It tastes fragrant, slippery, sweet, greasy, and soft with a change in texture. The taste is not sweet. In Italy, Tiramisu means “take me away immediately”, meaning that if you eat such delicious food, you will be happy and floating like a fairyland.

The origins of Tiramisu can be traced back to a 17th century Italian northwestern dessert called Zuppa del Duca or Zuppa Inglese, but the real tiramisu was in Venice in Italy in the 1960s. The northwest area began to appear. The locals used Mascarpone cheese as the main material, and replaced the traditional dessert sponge cake with finger biscuits, adding other elements such as coffee and cocoa powder.

As the representative of Italian desserts, Tiramisu is a trendy dessert that is popular in major cafes, bakery and western restaurants. This dessert has been popular since the mid-1980s. Innovative in its formulation is a coffee-flavored cheese egg liquid, which is also absorbed by other forms of hot and cold desserts such as cakes and puddings.

Tiramisu tastes fragrant, slippery, sweet, greasy and soft with a change in texture. The taste is not sweet. Because of the cocoa powder, it is slightly bitter, which coincides with the card. Chino matches. It has a rich and mellow taste, the bitterness of Espresso, the sweetness of eggs and sugar, the mellowness of liqueur, the scent of chocolate, the denseness of finger biscuits, the aroma of cheese and whipped cream, and the cocoa powder. Dry and blend together. Using less than ten kinds of materials, the "sweet" and the intricate experiences that sweetness can evoke are intertwined, and the layers are interpreted to the extreme.

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