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Delicious Soup Round

Delicious Soup Round (Picture 1)


Soup Round, one of the representatives of traditional Chinese snacks, is a spherical food made from glutinous rice flour. Generally there are fillings, cooked and served with soup. It is also the most characteristic food of Lantern Festival and has a long history. It is rumored that the Soup Round originated in the Song Dynasty. At that time, Mingzhou (now Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province) raised a novelty food, that is, stuffed with black sesame and lard, added a little white sugar, and glutinous rice flour into a round shape. After cooking, it tasted sweet and delicious. Very interesting. Because this kind of glutinous rice dumpling (Soup Round) was boiled and sinking in the pot, it was first called "floating element", and later some areas changed the "floating element" to the Soup Round. However, the Soup Round symbolizes a better family reunion. The Soup Round means that the new year is a happy family and a round, so it is a must-have for the 15th month of the first month.

Lantern Festival is a traditional festival in China. It eats glutinous rice balls in the north and Soup Round in the south. It is a food with two different tastes and tastes. Glutinous rice balls are usually only made of plain solid fillings, cut into small pieces, and then repeatedly spheronized in glutinous rice flour to the right size, and its surface is dry. The Soup Round filling is very good. Put the glutinous rice flour into a dough and wrap the stuffing like a dumpling. The taste of the Soup Round is smoother and smoother than the glutinous rice balls.

The glutinous rice balls are based on the filling and the process of making the gluten flour as the façade. The process is simple and easy to learn: first mix the fillings, and evenly spread into large round slices, and then cut into cubes larger than the size of table tennis. Then put the stuffing into the clams, pour the appropriate amount of Jiangmi powder, and “sift” it up in the shaking. As the fillings become spherical in the collision with each other, Jiangmi also forms a glutinous rice ball on the surface of the filling. The glutinous rice balls made of glutinous rice balls are thin and the surface is dry. When the pot is boiled, the rice noodles absorb the water and become a paste.

The Soup Round, which is completely different from the glutinous rice balls, is a bit like dumplings. First, stir the glutinous rice flour into water and stir it for a few hours to make it "squeaky". Then mix all the ingredients for filling and put them in a large bowl for later use. The Soup Round has more water content than glutinous rice balls, which is one of the differences. The process of taking the Soup Round is like dumplings, but you don't need a rolling pin. The wet glutinous rice flour is very viscous, so it is only necessary to rub a small wet surface with a hand and squeeze it into a circular shape. Use chopsticks to pick a piece of stuffing on the glutinous rice slices, and then use your hands to turn around and close the mouth to make a lumps. The well-prepared Soup Round has a smooth surface.

The Soup Round itself has a sweet taste, so the soup does not need to add sugar to reduce calorie intake; if it is a Soup Round, the soup can be made with sugar sweet-scented osmanthus, sweet wine, flower tea or longan red dates soup. Replaced with longan ginger soup, the latter can have the effect of filling the body and cold. In the face of hot, fragrant Soup Round, you can't help but want to take a big bite. Be sure to pay special attention to the soup round. You should eat slowly and stutter, avoiding the Soup Round and holding your throat or trachea. Because the Soup Round contains a high amount of "sugar", plus sesame, fresh meat, peanuts with "high fat" and "high calorie", be sure to eat a small amount. Do not eat too much at one time.

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