Privacy policy  

We do not intend to obtain your personal information. In fact, if you do not register a user, we will not know any of your personal information. If you register a user, only the email is the necessary personal information. We also don't know what your login password is, because instead of recording your original password, we record a summary of the original password obtained through the irreversible digest algorithm.

If you are happy to share the famous things for everyone, please be careful not to carry any private information in the text content and image content, we will also ensure the security of the information as much as possible through auditing measures. If you take a photo with your mobile device, the client program needs storage permission to save your photos to the SD card, and we have no intention of using any other permissions on the device.

For the security of data transmission, we used HTTPS. HTTPS adds the SSL protocol based on HTTP. SSL relies on certificates to verify the identity of the server and encrypt the communication between the browser and the server, thus ensuring that data will not be stolen and tampered by third parties during network transmission..

Our website uses cookies to collect basic information, such as whether the access is from a computer or from a mobile phone, but we will not disclose any personal information about you. The purpose of using cookies is to provide you with a better user experience and service. Cookies are enabled by default in the browser, and you can also manage cookies through the browser settings. However, please note that if you disable cookies, you may not be able to enjoy the best service experience and some services may not work properly.