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American OLAY Cosmetics

American OLAY Cosmetics (Picture 1)


The birth of OLAY comes from an accident. World War II, an American military doctor developed a treatment of burns medicine, his wife mistakenly used it as an emulsion, did not expect a few months after the skin has become flexible, wrinkles are reduced, OLAY skin care products will be born The. The illustrious chemist is GrahamWulff, who has been working on skin care. And finally he deployed a can restore moisture, moisturizing, protect the skin, and within ten minutes after use will make the skin look soft and not shiny products, this is the first OLAY products, OLAY moisturizing cream, from Opened the brand more than half a century of beautiful legends.

In the subsequent product development process, Wulff's wife Dinah has been to help him next, to provide a more perfect formula for the proposal, she constantly tried his invention of the product until the best effect so far. GrahamWulff in order to publicize his innovative products, with Jack Rolls. Jack Rolle's marketing ability and advertising planning is very good, he invented the name of OLAY (OilofOlay), and write the packaging copy and design logo. He also wrote an ad copy, published in the form of a beauty column in a newspaper magazine, advising the reader of what kind of product to use.

In 1959, GrahamWulff began to work in the UK. Within two years, OilofOlay earned enough money to allow the company to set up its own manufacturing and distribution equipment. In the late 1960s, a number of large US companies were looking for successful skin care brands with future development potential, and they clearly saw the future of OLAY a bright spot, and GrahamWulff signed a sale agreement with Richardson Merrill in September 1970. Since the sale, OLAY business booming. OLAY global sales of nearly one billion US dollars, becoming the world's largest and most famous one of the skin care brand. Excellent skin care efficacy of the world beauty of women certainly, quickly selling more than 150 countries.

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