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Sporting goods Adidas

Sporting goods Adidas (Picture 1)


Adidas was founded in 1949, is the German sporting goods manufacturer Adidas AG member company. Named after its founder, Adolf Adi Dassler, who began production of footwear in Hezezengola in 1920. August 18, 1949 registered with adidas AG name. Adidas was originally set up by the two brothers, after parting ways, Adolf's brother Rudolf Dassler opened a sports brand puma. Its classic slogan: "Impossible is nothing". March 2011, spent 160 million euros to enable the new slogan, "adidas is all in".

Adidas logo has three. And Adidas classic series corresponding to the logo for the clover logo, and Adidas sports fashion series corresponds to the logo is circular half pack three stripes logo, and Adidas movement performance series corresponds to the logo is our most common in Adidas store Of the three stripes logo. Clover can be said to be adidas the most popular brand, and other Adidas single product is not the same place, the clover's shoes, including clothing relatively speaking fashion, leisure, the trend is no longer a sports style.

In the world of football, the support is not any sporting goods manufacturers can be compared. Especially when adidas invented the first pair of spikes, but also by the top football player support and love, by the 1974 World Cup held in West Germany, 80 % played the players have chosen adidas football Shoes can be learned at the time of the power of adidas in the world football. In the 1998 World Cup in France, the host of the French team is by virtue of adidas football shoes superior performance, played a super-level strength, beat the champions won the championship, the French football star Zidane won the 1998 World Footballer Title, once again proved adidas authority has been continued until now.

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