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Hummer off-road vehicles

Hummer off-road vehicles (Picture 1)


Hummer is the United States GM company produced a car brand, the main production of military vehicles and off-road vehicles. GM's founder Ute is a bike manufacturer, founded in 1903 off-road vehicle department. In 1908, John Willy bought the off-road car department, and in 1912 the establishment of Willys-Overland car company, production Willie-Knight car.

In the late 1970s, the US Army began to develop a new generation of light multi-purpose military vehicles based on the Vietnam War experience, when the military required military vehicles need to meet the requirements of high mobility, multi-purpose and round (non - track) Referred to as Hmmwv (High Mobility Multi - purpose Wheeled Vehicle), to replace a variety of jeeps and all kinds of four-wheel drive pickup, the purpose is to uniform standard light military vehicles to achieve more simple modular maintenance and maintenance to improve mobility.

By the early 1980s, AM General Engineering summed up the reasons for the unsuccessful XR311 and Cheetah, hoping to re-develop the same off-road vehicles to the US military test. So they made 12 Hmmwv. The car engine position changed from rear to center, located between the two axes but before the cab. This design solves the dilemma caused by the uneven weight of the front engine and the inability of the rear engine to load. At the same time, because of this design, the car width increased to nearly 2.2 meters (excluding the rearview mirror), most of the engine occupies the middle of the driver and front passenger, and automatic transmission is also placed in the middle of the rear two seats.

Hmmwv also use full-time four-wheel drive system, using V8 6.2-liter diesel engine, fuel-efficient at the same time can issue 150 horsepower, the fastest speed of 110 km. The 12 Hmmwv, respectively, with different body to suit the US multi-purpose requirements. After a 32,000-kilometer full-scale test in the desert of Nevada, its outstanding performance left a deep impression on the US military. In 1983, the US military signed a contract to order a test vehicle, and after five months of detailed evaluation, AM General won a contract to initially produce 55,000 Hmmwv. In the same year the United States LTV company from the US car company to buy AM General car company. So far, Hmmwv series of car production more than 140,000, the US military equipment of 100,000, and exports to more than 30 countries and regions.

February 28, 1991, the world's attention after the "Gulf War" officially ended, because Hmmwv heroic image on the battlefield, widely loved by the American people. As a result, inquiries from all walks of life continue to the influx of AM General, but also to AM General began to consider the possibility of the introduction of civilian Hmmwv. In 1992, civilian Hmmwv began to sell, officially named Hummer. American film star, former California governor of Arnold Schwarzenegger became the first person to have it. Later, there are some well-known people specifically named to buy, causing a wave of Hummer popular wave.

Hummer H1 followed the appearance of Hmmwv, aggressive. It is not designed for the people, but for the harsh requirements of the US military designed out. The army requires the car to be used for almost 12 years at almost full use. Unprecedented dynamic performance, handling performance and durability, so that it can be applied to a variety of special road, and driving many sports vehicles can not travel the road, the industry as "off-road vehicle king." It has a high size of the ground clearance, large angle close to the angle and departure angle, body wide, low center of gravity, V8 diesel engine, full-time four-wheel drive, independent suspension, power steering and so on. As well as the central tire inflatable system, the driver can change the tire pressure, assembly deflated tires, tire deflation can still be 48 km per hour driving 30 km. The Hummer in the comfort, interior decoration, power performance and military-based Hmmwv have changed, the appearance of the model is still consistent, in the city driving a special "alternative."

April 6, 2010, General Motors held in the United States by the 153 US Hummer dealers to participate in the meeting, decided to officially start the process of closing the Hummer production line, no longer produce any model of the Hummer. After a long wait, the United States announced that the Hummer brand in the end of August 2010 will be completely closed for its 18 years of civil operations to an end. Affected by this, almost out of print Hummer in the city's sales price of 80,000-10 million increase. General said that the Hummer's after-sales service will be provided by the nearest general dealer dealers.

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