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Italian Versace clothing

Italian Versace clothing (Picture 1)


Versace was founded in 1978, the brand logo is the mythical snake demon Medusa, on behalf of the fatal attraction. Versace, a well-known Italian luxury brand, has created a unique fashion empire that represents a family of brands. Its fashion products dominate every area of life. Its distinctive design style, unique beauty and strong avant-garde art It is popular in the world. Versace adept at the use of noble luxury fabrics, with oblique cut way, blunt geometric lines and soft curves between the body clever transition, Versace's suit, skirts, coats, and so are the lines as a symbol of the sexy expression of the female body. Versace brand main object of service is the royal aristocracy and stars, of which women evening wear is Versace's essence and soul.

In 1972, 25-year-old Versace came to Milan to study architectural design. Then, by chance, he won the best-selling knitwear line for a Florentine fashion house, giving them a fourfold increase in business. As a reward, the boss gave him a famous car. This success made him abandon the construction industry he learned, as his first venture in the history of entrepreneurship. So Versace wholeheartedly into the fashion business.

In 1978, Versace launched his first women's clothing line, and soon his first fashion house was ready and invited business management professional brother Santo Versace to help manage. In 1981, during the development of Versace's first bottle of perfume, he invited Donatella, a sister-in-law of Florence University, to be a helper. At this point, Versace's fashion kingdoms began to take shape. 1989 Opened "Atelier Versace" Haute Couture boutique and into Paris, France fashion industry.

In 1992, Versace bought his home and its adjacent land for $ 3 million on a holiday in South Beach and invested another 33 million U.S. dollars to build an additional 560 square meters of south-facing buildings. Versace think there is no place to fix the swimming pool, put the hotel next door bought with heavy money, demolished within a day, to make room to repair the swimming pool. The mansion overlooks the sea and has 35 rooms, including 10 bedrooms and 11 toilets. Each one has a unique theme, bold colors, walls, ceilings, corridors, etc. are affixed with a large number of precious murals and mosaic decoration. There are also many statues in the courtyard, and the specially built swimming pool is 16 meters long with mosaic and 24K gold tiles.

In the most brilliant versace peak time, in 1996 the group's sales have reached as high as nearly 1.1 billion US dollars, and plan to raise funds to expand its foothold in the market. However, as gianni versace was shot dead by the assailants in Miami in July 1997, his sister Donatella suddenly became a chief creative officer of the group. His listing plan has been put on hold. For a long time, his loss was as high as 26.5 million euros. Until 2004, giancarlo di risio, the former chief executive of versace, joined hands to downsize the other hand, opening up new sources of wealth and aiming to expand versace shoes and accessories series to rapidly increase the business to 40 % Cooperation projects, including the private plane designed by versace, Shanghai luxury model unit, versace hotel built in Dubai, etc., only to reverse the defeat.

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