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Japan Shiseido cosmetics

Japan Shiseido cosmetics (Picture 1)


Shiseido, Japan's leading cosmetics brand. 1872 Shiseido in Tokyo, Japan Ginza founded the first Western-style pharmacy swap. Scientifically developed in 1897 a make-up water called EUDERMINE based on Western pharmacy prescriptions. Since then, Shiseido has been committed to the study of beauty and hair, has developed many innovative products and beauty methods. Today, Shiseido not only in Japan, the world has also been loved by many consumers, its products have been sold in 85 countries around the world, Asia's first and world-renowned cosmetics group.

Shiseido committed to research and development of contact with the skin can make sense of the comfort of the original formula; research and development to strengthen the effectiveness of foundation and the application of the powder; to study the defense of the skin from UV and dry external environmental damage mechanism; research and development with "whitening" "Anti-aging", "germinal" and other functions of the pharmaceutical, as well as to bring satisfaction and sense of application seminars, etc., for the vast number of consumers satisfied with the diversity of "value."

Since entering China in 1981, Shiseido has been well received by Chinese consumers. Different times in different parts of China, there are many users of Shiseido products. In order to more effectively grasp the market opportunities, more quickly establish marketing strategy plan, Shiseido in December 2003 set up Shiseido (China) Investment Co., Ltd., co-ordination in China's cosmetics business, this act Shiseido Cosmetics to develop vigorously in China Strong proof.

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