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Poliform high-end furniture

Poliform high-end furniture (Picture 1)


Poliform Italian high-end furniture brand, founded in 1942, the main product line to wardrobe, covering cabinets (wardrobes, TV cabinets, bookcases), sofa chairs, tables and chairs, bed and kitchen. Poliform is a typical Italian home furnishing company and a leader in the international furniture industry. It pursues its own design style, simple and solemn, avant-garde and classic, has maintained a keen sense of modern lifestyle life. Modern, quantitative mode of production makes it stand out in modern production. Poliform's success stems from: has maintained a keen sense of the modern lifestyle style; always uphold the relentless pursuit of quality.

Poliform has always been with many internationally renowned designers, architects. In modern Italian homes, furniture has gone beyond its mere practicality. In the design style, poliform always believe that only simple, practical, is perfect, timeless. Poliform has become the world's top furniture, and its rigorous workmanship are inseparable from the details of the heart treatment, determines the excellent quality of furniture, the use of decades can be intact. poliform works with many famous international designers to bring into your life an elegant person that ordinary people could not have before.

Poliform has a legendary and prominent contribution to the design of the world's furniture: it brings ordinary furniture that ordinary people never had before into ordinary life. This does not mean the price, but the design style. In most people's impression, noble means magnificent, or refined and refined classic temperament, this noble let you unacceptable, because you are just ordinary people, without noble life and work, but to live in noble home It's intolerable to you in the environment, you are incompatible with the environment, but Poliform sees it completely, with straight, straight lines, elegance and elegance. It insists on a flexible design that allows the wardrobe to swim around every corner of the room.

From the introduction of raw materials, to the machine 90 degrees of cutting, wrapping, paint processing, grinding, dyeing, drying, and then spray crevice, drying, grinding, coloring, drying, machine holes, drilling, machine Installation of accessories, and finally to the packaging is completed, each one of the products are at least poliform dozens of procedures strictly tested. Fully mechanized operation coupled with fine hand-operation, making each product is so unique poliform. Straight lines, classic colors, simple and neat, noble and elegant. Condensed with natural sense of history, sense of detail poliform furniture has other furniture can not be imitated and beyond the trait.

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