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Dodge Tomahawk Motorcycle

Dodge Tomahawk Motorcycle (Picture 1)


The Dodge Tomahawk is the fastest motorcycle produced by Chrysler Motors. It is equipped with the Dodge Viper's 8.3-liter V10 engine and four wheels of a sports car with a top speed of over 600km/h. The Tomahawk is powered by the Dodge Viper 500-horsepower V10 engine, which is different from the four-wheel design of the single-wheel before and after the regular motorcycle. However, compared with this, the speed is too fast, causing the rubber tire to rub against the ground and generate heat, which is the most worrying.

The Dodge Tomahawk has two wheels before and after, and the engine is huge. It is simply the fit of the Batman chariot and the bat motorcycle. The top speed can reach 676 kilometers and the Mach number is above 0.55. Although it will be affected by air pressure and temperature, there is every reason to express worship at its peak speed. However, when the speed reaches the peak, falling off the locomotive will no longer be an accident. When you drive at full speed, you will feel that the whole person will have the feeling of being pulled up by the airflow, just as the hand of God is helping you to fly. Under the influence of huge winds, your back will grow like a pair of wings, and the huge lift effect will pick you up like a chicken from the car.

From the outside, the most obvious difference between the "Dodge Tomahawk" and the traditional motorcycle is that it uses a four-wheeled design that is closely juxtaposed before and after. The designer said that four wheels are necessary to deal with the Tomahawk 10-cylinder 8.3L engine. Strong horsepower. In order to achieve faster speed, even when turning, the designers of Dodge motorcycles require that the body should not tilt more than 20 degrees. In order to achieve this goal, the Dodge Tomahawk motorcycle is fully suspended. The wheels, each pair of tires separated by a dozen centimeters, have an independent suspension system. According to the law, although the Tomahawk is very powerful, it is regrettable that it cannot legally run on the public road.

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