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Sony LCD TV (Picture 1)


The advent of Sony LCD TVs has opened up four new hotspots for the flat panel TV field, namely HDMI interface, 10bit HD panel, x.v.color color gamut standard and Motionflow dynamic response time technology. These three new technologies have been applied to the third-generation Sony BRAVIA LCD TV products. However, if the Sony LCD TV camp is arranged in the order of high school and low-end, it should be X, W, F, V380A, V, M. Series, so according to the logic, Sony has allocated these three new technologies to different positioning models. That is to say, except for the most flagship X-series LCD TVs, the other series do not have these three technologies at the same time. It is also to reflect the status of Sony TV as a deserved king.

Large-screen high-resolution LCD panels (1920×1080) require precise image processing techniques. Clear and colorful LED backlight technology, color is one of the important indicators for TV quality. Sony added a new substance "phosphorus" to the backlight components of LCD TVs, making the color performance of BRAVIA LCD TVs wider, saturated and brighter. 10-bit LCD panel driver technology, x.v.Colour color gamut standard products conforming to the xvYcc color gamut standard can vividly display the rich colors of nature. Images captured by a digital video camera with this color gamut standard are vividly displayed when played on an LCD TV with x.v.Colour color gamut standard. Motionflow 100Hz high-speed LCD panel drive technology makes dynamic picture performance smoother and smoother. In addition, Sony's new image processing technology intelligently analyzes moving pictures, inserting new frames to achieve smooth images and reducing smear.

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