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Li Ning Sporting Goods

Li Ning Sporting Goods (Picture 1)


Founded in 1990, Li Ning has gradually become a leading international sports brand company representing China. Li Ning adopts a multi-brand business development strategy. In addition to its own core LI-NING brand, it also owns the LOTTO brand, AIGLE brand and Z-DO brand. In addition, Li Ning Company holds Shanghai Double Happiness and wholly-owned acquisition of Kaisheng Sports.

Since its listing in Hong Kong in June 2004, Li Ning's performance has maintained a high growth rate for six consecutive years, and in 2009 it reached 8.387 billion yuan. Li Ning's sales network covers China's land. As of the end of 2009, Li Ning's total number of stores reached 8,156, covering more than 1,800 cities in China, and has several sales outlets in Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Europe and other regions. More than 6,000 employees.

At the beginning of the establishment of Li Ning, the company paid great attention to original design. In 1998, China established the first clothing and footwear product design and development center, and took the lead in becoming a self-developed Chinese sporting goods company. In August 2004, the Hong Kong Design and Development Center was established to focus on designing Li Ning branded apparel products. In January 2008, Li Ning Group's American Design Center was put into operation in Portland, Oregon, USA, focusing on the design, development and testing of high-end technology research and development, ergonomics research and professional sports shoes for footwear.

Li Ning has long been committed to the development of sports, and has successively formed strategic partnerships with top international competitions and organizations such as NBA and ATP. Cooperation with the top international athletes such as O'Neill, Ljubicic and Isinbayeva, and cooperation with the Spanish Olympic Committee, the Spanish Basketball Association, the Swedish Olympic Committee and the Argentine Basketball Association, all strongly demonstrate that the professional strength of the Li Ning brand is Recognized by the top international sports team and individuals. What is more worth mentioning is that since the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games, Li Ning Company has accompanied the Chinese Olympic Army Corps along the way and has long supported five "Golden Dream Teams" such as Chinese gymnastics, diving, shooting, table tennis and badminton.

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