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Mizuno sports brand

Mizuno sports brand (Picture 1)


Mizuno was founded in 1906 by Mizuno Co., Ltd. in Japan. Mizuno started as a baseball product and later involved in golf clubs. It entered the era of running shoes in the 1960s and 1970s and is an international comprehensive sports brand. After more than a century of continuous efforts, it has become the world's leading manufacturer of sports equipment, clothing and footwear.

Mizuno's trademark is the fastest bird in the world. Mizuno launched the logo in 1983. In 1982, Mizuno launched the "Vanguard" golf suit, and Mizuno became the world's first manufacturer to develop and sell carbon golf clubs and ball heads.

Mizuno strives to serve a variety of sports and strives to make sports life more enjoyable and exciting. The product range is complete, covering almost all major sports. Product development adheres to a wide range of scientific research to ensure that sports are more comfortable and safe, while firmly believe that technology and human sensibility combined to create perfect quality.

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