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Rodenstock glasses

Rodenstock glasses (Picture 1)


Rodenstock is a brand of glasses. Founded in 1877 by Joseph Rodens in Würzburg, Germany. Rodenstock is a pioneer in the manufacture of lenses and frames in Germany. The production base is located in Munich, Germany's famous historic city. It has nearly 4,000 employees worldwide, sales subsidiaries and distribution partners in more than 80 countries around the world. . Rodenstock has 14 lens production sites in 12 countries. Rodenstock's business philosophy is to optimize visual effects. Not only greatly increases the wearing comfort, but also creates a unique and timeless design, fully demonstrating the unique personality of the wearer. In other words, rodenstock glasses combine comfort and visuals.

Rodenstock was born in Würzburg, Germany. In 1877, a traveler named Joseph Rodens moved to Würzburg, Germany, where he began manufacturing and selling barometers, precision balances and measuring instruments. Since 1878, the company has further started research and production of lenses and frames. Joseph Rodens always believes that visual impairment is not a disease, as long as you wear the right glasses can be corrected. As a result, he launched the world's first "coated lens" in 1880, and immediately sold all the way. Later, he further registered more national patents, including lenses produced specifically for refracting telescopes. Although rodenstock glasses are expensive, they are seamlessly matched to the wearer's personality needs compared to traditional glasses.

As early as 1882, Rodenstock products were exported to Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Italy and Russia. In 1883 the company moved to Munich. Joseph Rodens purchased a new site near a tributary of the Isa River, which is the company's current base, which was still outside the city in early 1886. At the time, existing residential buildings were transformed into handicraft processing sites dedicated to the manufacture of spectacle lenses, telescopes, camera lenses and optometry equipment. Camera lenses and lenses are two important pillars of the company's operations. Rodenstock leveraged the profits of these two businesses to fund further expansion of the company.

With a range of innovative products (multifocal progressive lenses, resin lenses, mirror finishes and color-changing lenses), the market share of Rodenstock has grown steadily since the mid-1990s. But under the pressure of fixed prices, the production base can only be transferred to more cost-effective countries such as Thailand and the Czech Republic. Production in Germany is mainly concentrated in Reagan and Frankfurt am Main. In the process of brand rejuvenation, the glasses series products are fully improved and repositioned in strict accordance with design standards. Today, Rodenstock frames and sunglasses are leading the way in the German market, with innovative designs, thin lenses and superior performance. Rodenstock took into account both the face and the selected frame. In 2000, the exclusive introduction of the new generation of multifocal progressive lenses, Impression ILT, marked the first time that lens customization was tailored to individual data. At this point, visual quality and comfort have been improved as never before.

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