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Elizabeth Arden

Elizabeth Arden (Picture 1)


Elizabeth Arden was founded in the United States in 1910. Arden's product line includes skin care products, make-up, perfumes, etc., and enjoys a high reputation in the beauty industry. Some people call Arden a nest of incense and slogan "Beauty is the crystallization of nature and science." Its rising performance and praise from around the world make it a world-renowned cosmetics brand. In addition to the Elizabeth Arden brand, there is also a famous perfume brand Elizabeth Taylor.

Mrs. Arden’s original name was Florence Nightingale Graham, born in Toronto, Canada in 1878. She came to the United States when she was young and started working for a cosmetics company in New York. In 1910, she borrowed $6,000 from her relatives and opened her own beauty salon on Fifth Avenue in New York, known as the American Fashion Center. Soon after, Florence Nightingale Graham changed its name to Elizabeth Arden and used it as the name of the salon.

At first, Elizabeth Arden only sold perfumes produced by others. Until 1922, the first perfume prepared by Elizabeth Arden was officially launched. Since then, Mrs. Arden has worked with chemists to develop a number of cosmetic formulations and launched a range of safe and effective skin care products. As a result, this beauty salon with a strong aristocratic atmosphere is becoming more and more famous. Its pink interior design and bright red door have become the favorite of high society ladies in New York.

By 1932, Elizabeth Arden had established 29 high-end specialty stores in some metropolitan areas around the world. In the same year, its lipstick series was launched. In 1936, Arden launched the “Blue Grass” fragrance that was popular in the market. In addition to the more than 60-year-old “Blue Grass”, Elizabeth Arden has launched more than 50 fragrances, including “Red Door” and “Sunflowers”. ", 5th Avenue", "True Love" and the latest "Splendor".

With perfectionist character and unyielding spirit, Mrs. Elizabeth Arden succeeded in building Elizabeth Arden into an internationally renowned cosmetics brand. In the 1940s, when Mrs. Arden was in her 60s, her career reached its peak. At the time, three American brands known around the world included Elizabeth Arden, and the other two brands were Singer (sewing machine) and Coca-Cola. Mrs. Arden was even described by the then "Fortune" magazine as "the woman who has made the most money in American history to date."

In 1990, Elizabeth Arden launched an anti-aging skin care product based on advanced scientific research results, “Face Time and Space Composite Capsule”. After the listing, it received rave reviews. According to market feedback, Arden made persistent efforts and introduced six kinds of “time and space maintenance”. "A series of skin care products, making the "time and space maintenance" series of skin care products become the signature products of the world-renowned Alicia Arden. The Sunflowers fragrance launched in 1993 and the Fifth Avenue fragrance launched in 1996 won Arden's Oscar for the perfume industry, the FiFi Award. With the company's reputation in the perfume industry, Elizabeth Arden has acquired the perfume rights of Chole, Karl Lagerfeld, Fendi, Elizabeth Taylor and other brands, and launched a classic perfume series for these brands. The “Green Tea Perfume” launched in 1999 also shocked the perfume industry with its innovative thinking and the first reference of green tea.

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