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Francesco Molon furniture

Francesco Molon furniture (Picture 1)


Francesco Molon Furniture is located in the famous Romano d'Ezzelino town near the famous Italian city of Venice, dedicated to creating the most classic European upscale furniture. Today, the company has hundreds of craftsmen with superb skills and professionalism, and they are in the forefront of the industry designers together, leading the new trend of European interior design.

Francesco Molon uses imagination to blend a wide range of modern elements into European classical interior design style, creating unique furniture art that can be adapted to a variety of uses to meet the needs and tastes of different customers. Every piece of Francesco Moron furniture by the pure hand carefully crafted, embodies the designer's wisdom and craftsmen's enthusiasm, its quality withstand the test of time.

As early as 1966, the company founder Francesco Molon convened a group of skilled craftsmen, European furniture, the ancient manufacturing process as a breakthrough, successfully seize the opportunity to obtain a place in the European high-end furniture market. Today, the company's business has been handed over to the hands of Francesco Molon's descendants, and Molon furniture design sense and functionality as a traditional quality, passed down from generation to generation.

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