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Chanel clothing

Chanel clothing (Picture 1)


Chanel is a French luxury brand, founded in 1910 in Paris, France. The brand's fashion design is elegant, simple, exquisite style, in the 20th century, 40 years, it makes the ladies clothing becomes simple and comfortable.

Chanel was born in 1883, is the second child of a French poor unmarried couple. Her father is from the Severn Hill grocer hawker, the mother is the Auvergne mountain pastoral woman. Chanel's childhood is unfortunate. When she was twelve years old, her mother died, and her father left her and four brothers and sisters. Since then, she is raised by her aunt, in her twenty-two years old, that is, in 1905, she became a "coffee shop singer", and played the stage name "Coco". In this song career, Coco has made two old patrons, as their lover friends, one is the British industrialists, the other is a rich officer. This makes COCO economically capable of opening her own shop.

In 1910, Coco opened in Paris, a women's hat shop, with extraordinary needle and thread skills, sewing out one after another style of simple and durable hat. Her two friends for her introduced a lot of celebrities guests. At that time the ladies were tired of the fancy trim, so Chanel simple, comfortable hat for them like Oasis generally cool. Within a short year, her business grew steadily.

1914 Coco opened two clothing stores, affecting the far-reaching fashion brand Chanel declared officially born. In addition to fashion, Chanel also launched in 1921 Chanel No 5 perfume. Chanel No.5 is the first bottle of perfume named after the designer. It has become the history of Chanel's most profitable products, so far in Chanel's official website it is still the focus of recommended products.

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