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French dior clothing

French dior clothing (Picture 1)


Dior, has always been synonymous with dazzling senior lady clothing. It uses high-end gorgeous, superior fabrics show dazzling, dazzling gorgeous and elegant ladies clothing, it is much concerned about the fashion industry. It inherited the French tradition of high-level women's clothing, and always maintain a high-level gorgeous design routes, fine workmanship, to meet the upper reaches of mature women's aesthetic taste, a symbol of the French fashion culture of the highest spirit.

Dior in 1905, was born in France, Normandy Granville, a wealthy business family. He was very fond of Picasso, Matisse and other master works, to develop his art and design of the taste and preferences. Dior in 1927 after serving compulsory military service, because of the embrace of the art of interest, he was the next year with friends opened a small gallery. In 1931, Dior's family appeared a financial crisis, the same year after he came back from the Soviet Union, found his friend also went bankrupt, he had to end the gallery business.

In 1934, Dior's physical condition was poor, leaving Paris to rest in Spain. At that time he felt hidden in the body of creative desire, he began to learn embroidery technology. He returned to Paris in 1935, when he was thirty years old. Because of his hard work, he painted some of the manuscripts for people and painted clothing for some popular publications such as Figaro. His first picture was sold at twenty francs. After two years of struggle, he attracted the attention of designer Rober Piguet, and in the following year hired him as a designer, so that Dior had the opportunity to study clothing design with Piguet. In 1945, Marcel boussac, a business giant who fabricated fabric production, invited Dior to work with senior fashion business. Dior at the age of forty, finally in Paris, the famous high fashion street Montaigne Avenue opened a personal clothing store, concentrate on operating his own business.

February 12, 1947, this is a brilliant day, Dior opened his first high fashion show, launched the first clothing series called "new style". The fashion has a distinctive style: skirt length no longer drag, stressed that women breast augmentation buttocks, waist slender, shoulder-shaped soft curves, breaking the post-war women's clothing conservative old-fashioned lines. This style sensation in Paris and the entire Western world, giving a deep impression, so that Dior in the clothing industry has become famous. When a model appeared in front of people, people almost could not believe their own eyes: that dress, that thin waist, that towering breasts, and cover half of the hat, this day Dior was successful.

Soon, Dior with his first clothing series "new fashion" successfully came to the other side of the Atlantic United States. The news quickly spread throughout New York, Dior finally in New York's seventh street root. Dior's arrival to the "Uncle Sam" home brought the European fashion unique charm and color. People began to bid farewell to miniskirts, lantern sleeves, flat heels and cauliflower fancy hats. Dior's design also broke the pre-war fashionable Chanel fashion. Dior that half-covered wide-brimmed hat and rustling big pendants long skirt, so that people recall to a more classical era. This is Dior stressed a new style.

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