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American Estee Lauder

American Estee Lauder (Picture 1)


Estee Lauder is the United States Estee Lauder's flagship brand of cosmetics, it is known for anti-aging skin care products. Estee Lauder is the world's leading large producer and distributor. In 1946 Estee Lauder company was founded in New York, with skin care products brand Clinique, La Mer, LAB SERIES, Prescriptives, Origins, and cosmetics brands Bobbi Brown, M·A·C, and male perfume brand Aramis and so on.

In 1946, Estée Lauder founded the Estee Lauder brand with the desire to "bring beauty for every woman" and set up her company in 1946, and introduced her first product: developed by her uncle of chemist Cream. And before the cream was finally affixed to Estee Lauder trademark, it has won a group of loyal fans. When 1953, the revolutionary Youth-Dew perfume was launched, Estee Lauder has won constant innovation, good at research and development, good quality reputation. Today, Estee Lauder's skin care, make-up and fragrance products have become the perfect combination of science and art.

Lady Estee Lauder has always believed that "every woman can always have beautiful and fashionable". Thus, she will own life and taste of fashion into the Estee Lauder brand, not only reshape the face of the US cosmetics industry, but also affected the global cosmetics market. Estee Lauder has about 12,000 employees, and its cosmetics are produced in Australia, Belgium, Canada, the UK and Switzerland, with the exception of the United States. Despite the impressive performance, Estee Lauder brand always adhere to the original intention, for each woman to bring beauty.

The company also continued to expand its product line, in 1964 it launched the men's fragrance and beauty skin care products, 1968 established Clinique laboratory, developed and produced after the anti-allergic test, non-fragrance beauty skin care products. In 1990, in order to adapt to the global trend of environmental protection, Estee Lauder established Origin Co., Ltd., the company developed products highlight the natural plant formula, without animal experiments, all packaging can be recycled. In 1995 the company listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Estee Lauder products are sold in 130 countries and regions. Estee Lauder, La Mer, Clinique, Origins, MAC and other brands are Estee Lauder's products.

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