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Sporting goods retailer Decathlon

Sporting goods retailer Decathlon (Picture 1)


Decathlon is from France, is a sporting goods retailer, founded by Michelle Levor in 1976, the first store opened in the small village near Lille in France. The mall is the idea of bringing all the movements together under the same roof and optimizing the price through self-service sales. Decathlon set sporting goods design, research and development, production, logistics, brand, retail in one, with innovative ideas and the whole industry chain business model to ensure the provision of cost-effective products. In addition to the chain of sporting goods business, the Decathlon Group to provide sports support for the whole industry chain, providing a wealth of its own brand product front, and according to the different sports categories, divided into 20 different name brands. For beginners and professional athletes, Decathlon can provide sports apparel, equipment and a variety of creative sports products, the whole industry chain control mode, so the product quality is good but the price is not high.

In the continuous improvement of product quality under the premise of ensuring the affordable price. Simple decoration, optimized logistics, efficient organizational structure and continuous cost control make Decathlon can continue to reduce product prices. Entry-level to sports products, Decathlon's own brand, "passionate brand", such as Quechua outdoor mountain sports brand, b'Twin bike sports brand, Kipsta team sports brand, Nabaiji swimming brand, by virtue of its cost, security, Use, design, description, win favorite. Decathlon accurately positioning the mass sports market, is committed to gather the mass movement under one roof, currently in the world more than 20 countries and regions to carry out retail business. Innovation is Decathlon's gene, the Group has a research and development center in Europe, fit the user's sports needs, design to enhance the sports experience of the product, about 3,000 new products each year.

In the mall or sports venues to organize a wonderful sports experience, these free activities to help sports enthusiasts to explore the movement of happiness, and provide them with the opportunity to exchange. The Decathlon Foundation was established in July 2005 at the headquarters of Lille. The purpose is to help those who are willing to carry out sports, but because some difficulties can not be completed by people to fulfill their aspirations. Through the participation of internal team partners, with the foundation, we hope that everyone can experience the joy of the movement. In terms of social integration and reemployment re-education, we provide job opportunities and hope to fundamentally solve their difficulties. As of the end of 2014 the Foundation has supported 257 projects, beneficiaries more than 130,000 people, 432 project sponsors in 21 countries around the world.

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