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Aston Martin sports car

Aston Martin sports car (Picture 1)


Aston Martin brand car by Lionel Martin and Robert Banford in 1913 in the United Kingdom formed, the company name is Bamford & Martin. Aston Martin has always been synonymous with modeling chic, Seiko secret agents, high performance sports car. It has the same honor as Rolls-Royce in the sports car. Martin is a racing driver, and Banford is an engineer, in 1913 two people began to manufacture high-end cars, the company was named Martin Banford company, in 1914 they produced their own first car.

Aston Martin was acquired by Ford in 1987. In 1994, Aston Martin became a wholly owned subsidiary of Ford Motor Company. In addition to providing financial security, Ford also provides Ford with technology, manufacturing and supply systems around the world, as well as support for the design and development of new products, so that the luxury sports car in the pearl rejuvenated charm. In 2007, Ford sold Aston Martin $ 925 million to Kuwait's Adeem Investment of Kuwait, Investment Dar and British businessman John Sinders. From 1964 in the 007 series of films "Goldfinger" in the DB5 began, Aston Martin's various cars for Bond's victory made a credit.

Aston Martin brand famous models are: DB5, DB6, DB7, DBS, Vantage, Vanquish and ONE-77. For some people, the car may be just a means of transport, but for Aston Martin, the car can be a personal style, taste and attitude to show, and this view, from you into the car At that moment, it will continue through the throttle response, steering characteristics and a variety of sensory messages to convey the minds of passengers, and you had the desire to conquer the speed of desire, after such an influence, will turn into a heart The self-confidence and taste.

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