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Huawei mobile phone

Huawei mobile phone (Picture 1)


Huawei mobile phone is part of Huawei's consumer business, as one of Huawei's three core business, Huawei consumer business began in late 2003, the product fully covers mobile phones, mobile broadband and home terminals. After years of development, Huawei has set up 16 R & D centers in China, Russia, Germany, Sweden, India and the United States, combining the advantages of different regions in the world and combining the innovative resources of the US and Japan's technological advantages. To build the global innovation capacity.

"Make It Possible" is Huawei's new brand concept on the MWC in 2013, which represents the pioneering spirit and the challenge of creating excellent brand spirit. In 2015, Huawei entered Brand Z's top 100 most valuable brand in the world, ranking the 16th in the field of science and technology. Spain Barcelona time March 17, 2016, Huawei announced the five FIFA Golden Globe winner Massey became Huawei global brand ambassador.

Huawei consumer business will adhere to the boutique strategy, in the current product line, there are positioning business Mate series, the main fashion P series, for the young people Nova series, and G series and enjoy the series. November 26, 2015, China Shanghai World Expo Center, Huawei Mate8, HUAWEI WATCH first released. April 6, 2016, with Leica, Huawei P9 released in London, the world. May 26, 2017, Huawei held a new conference in Changsha, officially launched two Huawei Nova series of new machines: Huawei Nova2 and Huawei Nova 2 Plus.

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