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Rolf Benz sofa

Rolf Benz sofa (Picture 1)


In Stuttgart, Germany, there are two Benz, one is the famous car brand Mercedes-Benz, the other is the world's leading furniture Rolf Benz. As its name, it is like a car brand Mercedes-Benz as well-known. In the luxury furniture, it is much loved by people. In 1964, Rolf Benz was born. Initially Rolf Benz started the workshop with a sofa in Germany, and later became famous in the world because of its unique design and handmade craftsmanship. Later, in order to meet consumer demand for a variety of furniture, Rolf Benz began to diversify the product development. From the lamps and chairs to the cupboard sofa, Rolf Benz can be described as everything, fully meet the people's experience of home life. Rolf Benz is Germany's top manufacturer of home sofas and one of the world's most famous sofa brands.

Since the establishment of the day, Rolf Benz has been positioning their products as high-end furniture brand, it is like a Mercedes-Benz car, everything is to strive to achieve excellence. Its first-class design and fashion sense, making it a stand in the furniture brand. In the pursuit of high-end fashion at the same time, Rolf Benz also seeks to product variability. From each of its products, you will find Rolf Benz is like a dream of virtual furniture, like, surprising and tireless. There is no so-called aesthetic fatigue, there is no plain single. Rolf Benz attaches great importance to product development, every year there will be new products released. At the beginning of each design, Rolf Benz will always be based on the prevailing trends, combined with daily life, to make the most accurate design analysis, and ultimately produce a variety of furniture, so that people feast for the eyes.

Beautiful shape, soft and comfortable, elegant style is synonymous with Rolf Benz, while environmental protection is also a major feature of it. Rolf Benz adhere to the concept of sustainable development of the environment, the product has been using the top leather and environmentally friendly processes, won the German Ministry of Environment issued by the "Blue Angel" environmental certification. Whether it is fabric leather or in the internal filler, Rolf Benz are using the best quality materials, and each of the production materials are professional and rigorous testing, to ensure that each product can have the best quality. Environmental production materials, coupled with careful design and processing, Rolf Benz furniture for people to bring the rest assured. When you go home, Rolf Benz furniture is accompanied by your left and right, that a sense of happiness is not just from its luxury, but also a leisurely comfort around the surrounding. Let the busy mood away, in the arms of Rolf Benz, give yourself a complete rest.

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