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B & B Italia furniture

B & B Italia furniture (Picture 1)


B & B Italia furniture brand is the world recognized leader in the field of modern interior decoration. B & B Italia brand products show the history of Italian design and achievements, it makes the world a taste of the Italian imagination, creativity, taste and expertise. Piero left his family business in 1966 and founded his own furniture company. Piero's entrepreneurial thinking persuaded the famous furniture brand Cassina's senior leadership, they co-founded the Italian C & B company. In 1973 Busnelli successfully acquired all the shares of C & B company, officially renamed Italy B & B company. B & B Italia has offices in more than 30 countries, including Europe, Asia and the Americas, such as Milan, Italy, London, USA, New York, Seattle, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Osaka and so on.

B & B Italia's success lies in the combination of creativity, innovation and craftsmanship, with minimalist design language to tell the quality of life, and to produce "eternal" products. It is highly sensitive to the trend of fashion products to predict and interpret modern civilization, so that every product has become the perfect combination of creativity and craftsmanship. Due to the outstanding design of B & B Italia, B & B Italia won the Compasso d'Oro Awards four times. The works include: Le Bambole in 1972, Sisamo in 1984, Sity in 1986, and brand identity in 1989.

B & B Italia design also focus on the furniture itself, functional, simple, without any extra decoration, very good to meet the modern people in the tedious work and life to find exports, the pursuit of quiet spiritual needs, B & B Italia positioning, it belongs to high-end price, The product line is wide. Style is soft and modern, race style clear. B & B Italia consumer groups are basically more fashionable, the pursuit of life grade, very rich high-end groups. It creates a simple, luxurious, stylish, elegant indoor atmosphere. Although its price is staggering, but there are still quite a lot of people rush.

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