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"Steins Gate"

Steins Gate (Picture 1)


"Steins Gate" is based on 5PB. The same name game made by Japanese animation company WHIX, is played on April 5, 2011, and 1 words SP is included in DVD Volume 9. Theatrical Edition "STEINS GATE: The passage of the load" is released in Japan on April 20, 2013. The β world line continued "Steins Gate 0" started in April 2018.

The stage is the autumn leaves in 2010. Unable to get rid of college students, Gangquataro, who has established "Future props", producing unknown invention every day. However, on a certain day, accidental inventions can transmit electronic messages in the past. The excitement of the century inventions can not be unable to interfere with the past due to interest. As a result, the big tragedy swept the world came to the body of the Gangquataro and others.

In order to avoid the occurrence of tragedy, the loneliness of the Grano Langlang has begun. Can he overcome fate?

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