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"Is this a zombie?"

Is this a zombie? (Picture 1)


"Is this a zombie?" It is written by light novelist Shinichi Kimura, illustrators Xiao Wuichi and Yume Rin are responsible for illustrations, and light novels belonging to Fujimi Fantasia Library. The ordinary high school student Aikawa Ayumi was involved in a serial homicide that shocked the society due to inexplicable circumstances, but he was resurrected from the dead. It turned out that the necromancer "You" who happened to meet Bu before the incident turned him into a zombie and resurrected. In addition, Haruna, the girl warrior from the magical world, and Sera, another vampire ninja girl, have even evolved into a situation where they all live together.

Ayumi Aikawa was a zombie and a devil girl who was involved in a serial homicide that shocked the society when she was still a human, but was turned into a zombie by the necromancer Yu. Later, she was forced to become a demon girl because she absorbed the magic power of the demon girl Haruna. I am very afraid of the sun and will soon become a corpse when exposed to the sun.

Seraphim belongs to the family of vampire ninjas who can gain youth and strength by sucking human blood. The conservative vampire ninja, in order to solve the problem of inheritance after the death of the leader for more than 100 years, attempts to resurrect the leader by virtue of its strength. As Yu has no will, Sera decides to become Yu's servant and stay in Bu's home, waiting for Yu to change her mind and protect her from the reformers and other assassins who want to assassinate her. Likes, expertise and interests are the secret sword Feiyan cut. The dishes are of murderous level, as long as one bite, even a zombie can't get out of it.

Haruna is a student in the "Veliya" Matelitz School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in another world. Since everything can be achieved easily, he is bored with everything and does not go to school. Unknowingly, he can't keep up in school. Others become students at the end of the crane. Because there were too many days off, the head teacher suggested that she participate in the Megalo Hunting, which can get credits without attending, and thus came to the world where she lived. Use the chainsaw-type magic weapon "Mistedin" to fight Megalo. After meeting Aikawa Ayumi, he robbed him of all his magic power. He couldn't return to the original world, nor could he transform into a magic costume girl, so he made concessions instead of transforming himself into a magic costume girl to deal with Megaro, and stayed at Abu’s home, waiting. The magic slowly recovered.

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