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Spanish bullfighting festival

Spanish bullfighting festival (Picture 1)


San Fermin Festival, also known as the Spanish bullfighting festival. Is a traditional celebration of the city of Pamplona, the capital of the province of Navarra, Spain, as Ernest Hemingway's book, The Sun Also Rises, is famous for its bullfighting activities. The San Fermin Festival is held from 6 July to 14 July each year. In the days of the festival, every day there are six aggressive bulls chasing hundreds of brawny, through the city and went straight to the bullring, the scene is extremely thrilling.

San Fermin Festival originated in the 12th century, San Fermin is the northeastern province of wealthy province of Navarra province of Pamplona City, the protection of God, the public on October 10 to commemorate the city founder and protector Fermin, then the San Fermin Festival is a purely religious holiday. Later, the citizens decided to celebrate the San Fermin Festival in the better summer weather, and after the 14th century merchants had rushed cattle from the city to the city in the summer to hold bullfighting activities. Two activities gradually integrated together.

In 1923, the famous American writer Hemingway first came to Pamplona to watch the bull and wrote the famous novel "The Sun Also Rises" (published in 1926), he described in detail the Spanish bullfighting festival, the Spanish bullfighting festival And thus fame, began by a regional festival into a worldwide holiday. In the 17th and 18th centuries, bullying and juggling performances were added, and foreign tourists began to celebrate with the Pamplona citizens. The nineteenth century appeared in the open market and the crowd of parades.

The origins of the Spanish bullfighting festival are directly related to the Spanish bullfight tradition. It was a very difficult thing for the Pamplona people to move the 6 tall bulls from the bullpen in the suburbs into the city's bullring. 16th century, some spectators whim, bravely ran to the front of the bull, the cattle angered, to induce cattle into the bullring. Later, this custom evolved into the Spanish bullfighting festival. From 1951 onwards, the San Fermin Festival lasted only two days, including lectures, concerts, contests and bullfighting. And later joined the fireworks and dance performances. Visitors from all over the world are attracted to Pamplona to celebrate.

Everyday at noon on July 6 is the beginning of the San Fermin Festival. The first day of the festival, kicked off by the town hall square fired rocket launchers. In the next 7 days and 7 nights, the celebration activities include music, art, open-air dance, etc., young people are always happy to enjoy all night, during the day to participate in the activities of the Spanish bullfighting, enjoy cattle chase The feeling of stimulation. These cattle are very aggressive, and some horns are sharpened, and even exposed nerves, a touch of pain, some cattle eyes were cast on the pepper to anger it, causing it wild. Along the way the audience tide, the sound deafening. Many of them brave, especially those curious desperado, as close as possible to cattle, tease it, the result was stabbed, and some even trampled to death.

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