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Faye Wong song "Red Bean"

Faye Wong song Red Bean (Picture 1)


"Red Bean" is a song sung by Faye Wong. The lyrics were written by Lin Xi, and the tune was written by Liu Qiangyan. It was included in Faye Wong's 1998 album "Singing Tour". In 1999, this song won the Top Ten Chinese Golden Song Awards of Radio Television Hong Kong and the ten best songs of Hong Kong Radio Television Awards.

When Liu Chongyan, the composer of "Red Bean," wrote "Red Bean," he imagined how she would sing according to Faye Wong's voice. Then the song was created a few minutes later. Lin Xi, the lyricist of "Red Bean," saw the Japanese drama on television when he was creating. The heroine of the play was cooking red beans. Because she was thinking of breaking up, she cooked the red beans. So Lin Xi thought the lyrics while following the story and created the song "Red Bean."

"Red Bean" is the redest song in Faye Wong's "singing tour" album. In addition to the melodic sound of "red beans," Lin Xi's delicate and lingering strokes add a lot of color to the songs; while Faye Wong's voice sounds a bit diffuse, but the spirit is scattered, especially in the middle of full of emotions, revealing Naturally, it is a good example of a love song.

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