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Poker game

Poker game (Picture 1)


Playing cards are an entertaining and gambling paper tool that is popular all over the world. As early as the 14th century or earlier, many places in Europe, famous for Nuremberg, Augsburg and Ulm, have produced playing cards. The Italian Tarot card may be earlier than the German playing cards: in the Italian document of the year 1299, the Tarot card has been mentioned. The Duchess of Brabant, Johanna, had taught poker in the Netherlands in 1379 and had had playing cards in Spain at least in 1371. It may be that the Moors or the Saracens brought the cards from Spain to Italy.

A deck of cards has 54 cards, of which 52 are genuine and the other 2 are decks. 52 cards are divided into four groups, and each group is represented by four colors of spades, red peaches, plums, and squares. The cards of each group include from 1-10 (1 is usually expressed as A) and J, Q, K, 13 cards, the gameplay is ever-changing, and there are many ways to play. Texas Hold'em is from Texas, the most popular public card poker game in Europe and America with hundreds of years of history. Its biggest feature is easy to learn but difficult to master, known as classic poker games.

The old K in the playing cards are kings, namely Caesar the Great, Charlemagne, Alexander the Great and King David; Q is the famous four queens in Europe, the goddess Athena, Jacob's wife Rachel, and the Queen of Roses. Aginie, Jewish heroine Judith. J is the four guards, namely, Charles VII's guard LaHale, Arthur's chief round table knight Lancelot, Charlemagne's guard Hogel, and Charlemagne's chief guard Roland.

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