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Chinese chess

Chinese chess (Picture 1)


Chinese chess is an ancient chess game with a history of about two thousand years. It is a classic product of the intangible culture of Chinese civilization, and its artistic value belongs to a branch of the evolutionary history of human civilization. Chinese chess is a kind of two-person confrontation game with a long history in China. Due to its simple utensils and interesting taste, it has become a very popular chess event.

Chinese chess originated in China. Dr. Joseph Needham, a famous British scholar, said in his book "The History of Chinese Science and Culture" : "Only in China, the prevalence of yin and yang theory prompted the emergence of chess prototypes. The astronomical divination was invented and then developed into military meaning. a game."

In the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period and even in the Qin and Han Dynasties, the country was in a state of war, and the fire was everywhere. Chess came into being in this context. There are many obvious similarities between military warfare and sports competitions. For example, the ultimate goal is to win, and the confrontation process is performed through techniques and tactics. There are both strategic and tactical means. Chess is a puzzle game that simulates ancient warfare. The cars, horses, guns, and soldiers on the board are symbols of ancient chariots, horses, artillery, and soldiers. Compared with other sports, chess has the most direct internal relationship with ancient military. Its strategic thinking and tactical characteristics are influenced by ancient military thoughts.

The Qing Dynasty was the heyday of the development of Chinese chess. There are "Plum Blossom Spring", "Qinyuan Machine", "Xinwu Remnant", "Zhuxiangzhai Elephant Play" and "Hundred Variety Chess". Among them, Wang Zai's "Plum Blossoms" is a epoch-making chess game in the history of Chinese chess. It is famous for its rich and varied wars, and has created a historical chapter of "the horses and horses contending for more than three hundred years."

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