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Golf outdoor sports

Golf outdoor sports (Picture 1)


Golf, commonly known as the white ball, is an outdoor sport. Individual or group players use a different golf club to score a small ball into the hole in the green. Most of the competitions have 18 holes and the winners are the fewest. The British Open, the US Open, the American Masters and the American Professional Golf Association Championship are the four major slam tournaments in the golf world. Golf is generally regarded as the invention of the Scots. Today's 18-hole golf system is also set by Scotland. The region also has the world's oldest high-ball club, which is regarded as the quintessence of Scotland.

As far as the origin of Scotland is concerned, the most widely spread one is that a Scottish shepherd in ancient times, when grazing, accidentally hit a round stone into a wild rabbit hole with a stick, inspired it and invented what was later called golf. exercise. Therefore, the word golf first appeared in the documents of the 14th century Scottish Parliament. This is the only statement that has a documentary record of the parliament and is recognized by most of the world's golf enthusiasts. The St. Andrews Stadium is considered a sanctuary for golf. The biggest wish of every golfer is to be able to play a round of golf at the St. Andrews Stadium. It is also the body of golf rules, and all major competition rules must meet its basic requirements. The origin of Scotland is said to be the most authoritative and persuasive.

High-ball sports value the expression of gentleman's demeanor, and the understanding of the basic rules cannot be ignored. Therefore, the basic rules of the high ball, the difference between the stroke play and the match play, the correct judgment and handling of various hitting conditions, and the precautions for participating in the game are explained. Golf is an outdoor sport that requires concentrated mental and technical control. The player hits the ball with 14 golf clubs, and the 18 holes are the first round. The player with the least number of points wins. The main point of the player's scoring is to complete all The number of shots required for the process. Unlike other projects, the fewer the number of swings for golf goals, the better the score. Golf is different from other ball games. He rarely fixes the game. His track changes a lot. The level of each hole depends on its distance. The standard score of the game is often 72, which is what we call a round. The winner is determined by a four-day, four-round match.

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