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Vitas "Opera 2"

Vitas Opera 2 (Picture 1)


Vitas was born in Latvia in 1981. He is a famous male singer in the Russian pop music field. In December 2000, Vitas caused a sensation in the Russian music scene in the Kremlin for singing "Opera 2". "Opera 2" is the famous song of Vitas. The song he created when he was 18 was popular all over the world. Until now, the vocal talent of the singer is still shocking. The song has published more than 2 million copies. No previous world star has achieved this result. Only from the official website of the actor, this song has been sung more than 35 million times abroad. From 2000 to 2007, the piece won 114 awards in Russia. The world is aware of this song without being restricted by language knowledge.

"Opera 2" MV is about a mermaid, who feels lonely when he enters the human world. He is eager to find the same kind and find a confidant story. Vitas played the mermaid. When he saw the girl carrying the bottle with the fish, he had a kind feeling. He very much hoped that she was his kind. So when the girl gave him a fish, he couldn't wait to get rid of her scarf, picking up her long hair and wondering if she was also a fish. However, the girl misunderstood his intentions and turned away from his home. So, he again screamed in the sky with pain.

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