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Spanish Tomato Festival

Spanish Tomato Festival (Picture 1)


The Tomato Festival in Buñol, Spain, originated on the last Wednesday of August 1945. At that time, the town held a parade. A young man was pushed down in the crowd. After getting up, he picked up the tomatoes on the roadside food stalls and smashed them to the people around him. As a result, everyone got together. The following year, a group of young people took tomatoes to the square and played another "tomato war". Since then, the "Tomato Wars" has gradually become a customary activity for the residents of the town. Like the Bullfighting Festival, the Tomato Festival is also a world-famous traditional festival in Spain. It first began in 1945 and the entire festival usually lasts for about a week. Later, even the most famous tourists from all over the world joined the "battle." This kind of festival is becoming more and more popular in Spain because visitors can relax and suppress their feelings and regain their childhood feelings.

Since 1945, the Tomato War has become a strong tradition in the town of Buñol. There are many legends about the origin of the Tomato War, but its true origin is no longer possible. No matter how this tradition originated, everyone played so much that it was repeated in the second year and the third year. In the first few years, the town of Buñol banned the tomato contest until the tomato competition was allowed in 1959. During the Franco period, the festival was banned on the grounds of no religious significance. This tradition was restored in 1975 after the death of Franco. In 1980, the town of Buñol began accepting the hosting of the Tomato War.

"Tomato Wars" began in People's Square in the town centre of Buñol. Before the "war", the city government trucked tomatoes to the sides of the street as "ammunition" for "war." With a single order, thousands of "warriors" hand-picked large red tomatoes, throwing, licking, or not, on the head of the "enemy" that they are not familiar with, or other parts of the body. After a while, all of them were covered with red tomato juice, and the whole street became a "tomato river." With the rocket signal from a balcony, the "Tomato War" ended. At this time, the small city people of Bunyol and thousands of volunteers opened all the taps that could be used, and they went into another battle to clean the streets. About an hour later, the entire square and the street were cleaned up as usual, and the city of Buñol returned to its usual tranquility.

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