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Yanni "Santorini"

Yanni Santorini (Picture 1)


Yanni, the world famous new century music composer and performer; but in his autobiography, he is more inclined to call his own music for modern instrumental music. Born in Greece in 1954 Kalamata, full name Yanni Krissa Maris, after joining the United States nationality. In 1972, graduated from the University of Minnesota. Because of his love of music, after graduation took the music road. He has held concerts in the Greek Acropolis, the Taj Mahal in India, the Forbidden City in China, London, USA, Las Vegas, and Puerto Rico.

Yarni released his first album "Keys to Imagination" in 1986, which was released by BMG's first Yanni music album, assisted by Peter Baumann, where Jenny's electronic music style was established. "Santorini", "Keys To Imagination" and "Nostalgia" three music later in the Acropolis concert shine, these works are initially included here.

September 25, 1993, his concert in the Acropolis of Athens, Greece, is a great turning point in his life, it is also a new starting point for his life music stage, since Yanni is no longer a nameless. The song for the 1993 Arsenal Acropolis opening song, is also the famous works of Yanni, majestic, imposing rainbow, handed down the classic song, very many people familiar with this song, it has repeatedly as the Olympic broadcast songs and awards song.

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