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Science fiction movie "Iron Man"

Science fiction movie Iron Man (Picture 1)


"Iron Man" is a sci-fi adventure film produced by the American Marvel Film Studio, adapted from the comic series of the same name, directed by Jon Feiru, Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow, Jeff ·Brigids and other stars. The film was released in the United States on May 2, 2008. The film tells the story of Tony Stark's improved armor after the death, incarnation of "Iron Man", and protected the world peace story as a volunteer policeman. "Iron Man" is very entertaining and story-telling. Iron Man is very attractive, smart, romantic, humorous and confident.

"Iron Man" was adapted from the Marvel original comic book of the same name. The character first appeared in "Tales of Suspense" published in April 1963. The story is created by Stein Lee, Riley Rebec, Don Heck, and Jack Debbie. The character of the actor Tony Stark is based on the American entertainment legend Howard Hughes. Come. At the beginning of the film preparations in 1999, Quentin Tarantino planned to write a script for the film and serve as the director. After that, Jos Vuitton was also negotiating with Marvel as director. In December 2004, Nick Kasavitz was selected as the director, and the film was scheduled to be released in 2006. Until the end of Jon Feiru took over the steering wheel, the storm was settled.

Tony Stark (Little Robert Downey) was born in a wealthy family in New York. He came from a cloak to reach out to his mouth. He didn’t know how to enjoy himself like all the dudes. The natural and intelligent Stark is a surprising genius. He graduated from the Department of Electrical Engineering of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology at the age of 17 and succeeded in finding his own social position with his proud achievements. The new boss of his family company Stark Arms . The unfortunate death of parents has inspired the driving force of Tony's career. At the age of 21, he began to control tens of billions of property, and gradually established Stark as a US military's first arms supplier. However, Tony's arrogant character and the unscrupulous practice of achieving the goal often find a lot of trouble for himself. Fortunately, there is also a smart, sexy and charming female assistant, Virginia Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow), who always gives me care and help.

But a kidnapping incident soon changed the life of Tony Stark. When Tony led a group of military and military observers to test their latest developments in the uninhabited land, they were attacked by a group of extremely fierce terrorists. In the end, Tony, who was hit by the fragments of the shells in the chaos, woke up and found a strange device in his chest. It was this instrument that sustained his life. It was originally taken hostage by Dr. Yingsen, who used a car electromagnet to suck the shrapnel in his body and saved the life of Tony Stark. Of course, the terrorists who saved him would not simply grab it. This weapon design expert has long since admired his name. As a result, the terrorists began to work hard and hard, demanding that Tony Stark create a more powerful weapon for them. The hero does not eat before the loss, the smart Stark will not sit still. As a result, he used the rough equipment and raw materials provided by the terrorists with the help of Insen, and created steel armor for himself in the dark underground base, which has strong fighting ability. In the fight with the terrorists, Dr. Inson struggled for the unfortunate death of Stark, but made the escaped Tony change his idea of ​​creating arms to save the world. So he improved the steel armor and created another fusion energy source to become the real Iron Man.

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