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Science fiction movie "Avatar"

Science fiction movie Avatar (Picture 1)


"Avatar" is a science fiction film directed by James Cameron, produced by Twentieth Century Fox, starring Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana and Sigourney Weaver. It was released in North America on December 16, 2009 in 2D, 3D and IMAX-3D formats. The film focuses on humans wearing Avatar's body and flying to the distant planet Pandora to extract resources. The former Navy Jack, who was wheelchair-bound after the injury, volunteered to experiment and came to Pandora with his Avatar. After meeting the local Naomi princess Nestini, Jack was caught in a dilemma in a war between humans and Pandora.

The story takes place in 2154, and the story begins on Earth. Jack Sally is a former Marine with legs and he feels that nothing is worth fighting for him, so he is happy to work for a mining company that has been sent to Pandora. accept. There is a mineral element Unobtanium on the planet that can attract humans to come here for a long time. Unobtanium will completely change the human energy industry. But the problem is that the resource-rich Pandora Planet is not suitable for human life. The air here is deadly to humans, and the native flora and fauna are fierce predators, extremely dangerous. The environment here also creates a different race from humans: the 10-person-high (about 3 meters) blue humanoid Na'vi. The Na'vi family is dissatisfied with the arrival of human pioneers, and does not like the scars left by human machines on the land of this planet because of mining everywhere.

A few years later, Jack Sally went to Pandora, and he found that the beauty of the place could not be described in words. The 900-foot-tall giant trees, the mountains floating in the air, the lush rainforests full of exotic plants, and the evening All kinds of animals and plants will also emit light. It is like a fantasy garden in a dream. But soon he experienced the danger here, a dead sacred beast meets him, Jack lost contact with his teammates during the escape, and was attacked by a group of coyotes at night, Jack fought and fought throughout the battle In the end of the crisis, Zhong Jie was defeated by the enemy. In an emergency, an arrow shot the poisonous wolf, and Jack was saved. The one who saved him was the princess of the Na'vi family. Jack learned more about Pandora's planet from her mouth.

The Na'vi people have always lived in harmony with other species of Pandora, and lived a simple and natural life. Jack gradually changed his view of human beings here when he was with this Na'vi girl. I have found something worth fighting for. But if Jack Sally wants to join the Na'vi people against the war of human invaders, he has to pay a lot of money: he can't stay in the avatar forever, when the avatar - clone Na'vi people sleep, he will return In the human body that is half-baked, it is only through special connecting equipment that you can return to the avatar. Once enemies with his compatriots, he loses the possibility of combining with the avatar, can only be trapped in a disabled body, and lose the Na'vi girl he likes more and more.

In the end, human beings, driven by the interests, sent fighters to destroy the home trees that the Na'vi people lived. Although Jack and others repeatedly hoped that they could not do so, the mining company was determined to destroy. Jack negotiated with them and negotiated with the Na'vi people to let them leave the big tree. However, when he explained everything, the Na'vi people were very angry, especially the Na'vi girl whom Jack liked. Very angry, the Na'vi people tied Jack and a female professor to the criminal frame. The fighters dispatched by the mining company found that their negotiations failed. Then they ordered the firing and destroyed the obstacles to their advancement - the giant tree on which the Na'vi people lived, and the leaders of the Na'vi people were killed by artillery.

The Na'vi people who did not have a place to live were forced to stay under the tree of God. The justice behavior of Jack and others was shut down because they were in conflict with the interests of mining companies. Later, they took the opportunity to escape, and Jack rode the phantom to the Na'vi people's temporary residence under the tree of God, calling on the Na'vi people to resist, and he finally got the trust of the Na'vi people. At his appeal, they contacted people from other ethnic groups on Pandora's planet, and together they formed a rebel army of several thousand people, forming a line of defense between land and air. The mining company’s army also found signs of resistance from the Na'vi people, who quickly filled up a large number of high-strength explosives and prepared to eliminate the Na'vi people in advance. As a result, the Na'vi Rebel Alliance and the mining company's army launched a bloody battle. As a result, the Na'vi Rebels finally defeated humans, and the human army command was killed. The Na'vi people were helped by Jack. Will send the mining company all away from the planet Pandora. Under the leadership of Na'vi's spiritual leader, the Na'vi people connected with the god tree with their own receptors, and with the power of the god tree, transferred the spirit of Jack Sally to his avatar, and Jack eventually became the star. The leader of the Na'vi people.

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