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Romance film "Titanic"

Romance film Titanic (Picture 1)


"Titanic" is a romance film produced by 20th Century Fox and Paramount Pictures, directed by James Cameron, led by Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet Starring. The film is based on the 1912 incident of the Titanic ship hitting an iceberg and sinking during its maiden voyage. It tells two people from different classes, the poor painter Jack and the noble woman Ruth, who abandoned the secular prejudices and fell in love. Finally, Jack fell in love. Give the chance of life to Ruth's touching story. The film was released in the United States on December 19, 1997.

On April 10, 1912, the luxury passenger ship Titanic, known as the "miracle in the history of the world's industrial history," embarked on its maiden voyage, sailing from Southampton, England to New York, USA. Rich girl Ruth (played by Kate Winslet) sat in first class with her mother and fiance Carl; on the other side, the bohemian teenage painter Jack (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) was also on the dock Won a lower-class ticket in the gambling. Tired of the hypocritical life of the upper class, Ruth was unwilling to marry Karl, and planned to commit suicide in the sea, but was rescued by Jack. Soon, the beautiful and lively Ruth fell in love with the handsome and cheerful Jack. Jack took Ruth to the dance party in the lower class and painted her portrait, and the relationship between the two gradually heated up. It was a calm night on Sunday night, April 14, 1912. The Titanic crashed into an iceberg, and the "unsinkable" Titanic faced the fate of a shipwreck. The budding love between Ruth and Jack would also experience life and death. In the end Jack gave Ruth the chance of life.

The big ship "Titanic" contains two things, love and disaster. It is not deep at all, so cross-nationality, cross-age, cross-gender and cross-cultural, any audience can understand and be moved. The love story of Jack and Ruth, in the current buzzwords, is how a diaosi defeated the rich and handsome, and achieved an unforgettable love. Therefore, even if it is an old film, it is very close to the psychology and desires of the current audience. Love without hierarchical concepts, love that transcends secular prejudice, this has the effect of tearing in any era. At the same time, what is most likely to highlight the depths of human nature in front of disasters, the beautiful and the ugly, not to mention this is such a huge catastrophe a hundred years ago. There is a longing for life and a fear of death. The film's performance is to let women and children go first, and men go to death calmly like a gentleman.

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