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“Mirror Mirror”

“Mirror Mirror” (Picture 1)


"Mirror Mirror" is an American magical adventure comedy directed by Tassim Xin. The film tells that Snow White, who was orphaned, was taken over by the Queen and confined to the castle. However, because the foreign prince was attracted by his beauty, he was driven into the dark forest by the queen. Finally, with the help of the dwarfs, I grew up to be a brave woman and regain everything that belongs to me.

An evil queen (Julia Roberts) conspired to use her own magic to seize control of a country. Her most important enemy is the true heir of this country, a beautiful orphan - Snow White (Lily Collins). What makes her unhappy is that the handsome and handsome prince of the neighboring country (Amy Hanmo) is now also interested in Snow White. The evil queen who saw this in her eyes was very dissatisfied. She first exiled Snow White to the Black Forest and then fascinated the prince with potion. Soon, she married the prince and became the ruler of the country.

In the Black Forest, Snow White met a group of gnome robbers. With their help, Snow White turned from a weak girl into a vengeful goddess with determination and willpower. When she learned that Snow White had not died, the evil queen sent a death squad from the palace to the Black Forest. She wanted to put Snow White to death, and the handsome prince was among them. In the process of fighting, the prince fell in love with Snow White. After learning about Snow White’s experience, they formed an alliance and launched a blow to the evil queen.

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