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Movie "Anna Karenina"

Movie Anna Karenina (Picture 1)


"Anna Kalenina" is a drama film directed by Joe White based on Russian novelist Leo Tolstoy's 1877 novel of the same name. The film was officially released in the UK on September 7, 2012. The script is based on the high society of Russia at the end of the 19th century. story. Reproduce the luxury and decay of the upper classes of St. Petersburg and Moscow in the 1870s.

In 1874, the beautiful and energetic heroine Anna Karenina already had everything her peers crave. Her husband Karenin was a senior official, and the two already had a son. She was in St. Petersburg. It also has an unparalleled social status. She received a letter from her elder brother, Obronsky, and the playboy hoped that she would come to help save his marriage with his wife Dolly, and she immediately embarked on a journey to Moscow. On the way, she met the Countess of Warensky, and then met the countess' son, the handsome cavalry officer, at the station. When Anna was introduced to Warensky, sparks broke out between the two, and both sides were attracted to each other.

Obronsky's residence in Moscow also welcomed another visitor, Obronsky's friend Levin, a sensitive and kind farmer. Levin fell in love with Dolly's sister Katie. He inappropriately proposed to Katie, but the latter was overwhelmed by Warrensky's fascination. Overwhelmed by Levin's return to his home in Pokrovsk, he devoted himself to farm work. At a social dance, Katie found that Warrensky's eyes were only Anna, and the married Anna also responded to the young people's goodwill, and saw Katie heartbroken.

Ana struggled to return to peace. She hurried back to her home in St. Petersburg, but Warrensky followed. She tried to return to her old life, but was fascinated by Warensky. There was a spark of passion between the two, all of which were also buzzing in the social circles of St. Petersburg. Kalenin was caught in a situation where he could not advance, and he had to give his wife an ultimatum. Anna saw through the hypocritical and unrealistic social circle. Her response brought some romantic and tragic consequences, and also seriously changed the fate of her and the people around her.

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