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Animated film "Ice Age"

Animated film Ice Age (Picture 1)


"Ice Age" is an animated film produced by Blue Sky Animation Studio in 2002 and released by 20th Century Fox Film Company. The film describes the wild age of the Ice Age, full of surprises and dangers. Because of a sudden human abandoned baby, three animals with different personalities had to get together, acrid mammoth, and a rough and rude giant tree. Otter, and the scheming saber-toothed tiger, these three prehistoric animals not only have to act as babysitters, but also escort him home through various thrills of glaciers and icebergs.

The story of the "Ice Age" revolves around three prehistoric animals from the Ice Age and an abandoned human infant. The ice age caused animals to migrate in search of food. The kind-hearted mammoth-Manfred, the eater-Sid, and the cunning saber-tooth tiger-Diago, these three animals with very different personalities gather together in order to bring a human child back home. Together, they formed a temporary escort team and embarked on a long journey to find relatives. Along the way, the conflicts between these three animals were reborn. Diago had a vicious plan and wanted to lead the team into a deadly ambush set by his own race. But after they experienced countless dangers such as avalanches and famines, these were related to the harsh environment. The experience of resistance made Diago start to shake his plan.

The "Ice Age" movie is co-directed by Oscar winner Chris Wedge and Carlos Shadanha. Chris Wedge is one of the founders of Blue Sky Animation Studio, and Carlos is also the core creator of the studio. personnel. The first-class equipment and technology of Blue Sky Studio have created many lively characters. For example, the movies "Rabbit" and "The Adventures of the Icefield" are the proud works of this studio. Chris Witch won the 2000 Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film with a piece of "Rabbit". The realistic light and shadow effects presented by the film make the film refreshing in terms of vision, atmosphere and realism.

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