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Gangster film "Infernal Affairs"

Gangster film Infernal Affairs (Picture 1)


"Infernal Affairs" is produced in 2002, a gangster film, directed by Liu Weiqiang, Mai Zhaohui, the main actors are Andy Lau, Tony Leung, Anthony Wong, Eric Tsang. The film tells the story of the two identity of the men were confined to the police and underworld undercover, after a fierce battle, they are determined to find their own stories. In 2003, the film won the 22nd Hong Kong Film Awards Best Film Award, the 40th Taiwan Film Golden Horse Award for best film and other awards, Tony Leung with the film won the 22nd Hong Kong Film Awards Best actor Awards and other awards.

In 1991, 18-year-old triad member Liu Jianming obeyed Big Brother Han Chen's instructions to enter the police school, became the police undercover. At the same time the police school in another student Chen Yongren, the police arranged on the surface of its forced to drop out of school, in fact, let him into the triad to do undercover. Liu Jianming from the police after graduation into the police station, has become a member of the Criminal Intelligence Unit A team, during which he used a variety of opportunities for Han Chen to provide a lot of information. And Chen Yongren in these years has been the initial trust of Han Chen, but because Han Chen's case has never been broken, he will always be able to stay in the gang, only one police officer is in contact with him.

One night in 2002, according to Chen Yongren undercover information, informed that a group of drugs is about to trade, and the transaction side for the Han Chen, but because at that time Liu Jianming told the news in time to Han Chen, so that he succeeded to escape, but the two sides found their own Both inside the "ghost", so a fierce battle to start. In the final outcome, the two sides of the "ghost" have recognized their identity, Liu Jianming deleted the police station in the Chen Yongren file, but before the deletion, retained a backup, the password is the girlfriend Mary's birthday. After thought, Liu Jianming decided to do a good man, asked Chen Yongren to give him a chance, Chen Yongren did not believe him. Finally, Chen Yongren died in Han Chen, another police undercover gun, Liu Jianming also killed the shooting undercover.

"Infernal Affairs" to twists and turns of the psychological confrontation for the starting point, in addition to a large number of entertainment elements, there are some more related to the philosophy of thinking things. Liu Jianming want to do a good man, but he was filled with helplessness and anxious, and ultimately he went to the split personality. In the seamless black and white, it is difficult to make their own right choice, this is the most painful moment of life. "Infernal Affairs" moving place is the hearts of small people struggling. Want to be a real good man, but everything in the past can not be erased.

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