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"Mortal Kombat" fighting game

Mortal Kombat fighting game (Picture 1)


"Mortal Kombat" is a single-gamement-based single-machine game developed by Midway. Initially, the game is called Mortal Combat. However, when the game launched the manufacturer's characteristics of the game "violence and role after the victory", it can kill after the victory of the game, so this will change the English letter C word in Combat to K words (K words represent kill, killing meaning ). In the storyline of the MK series, this world is composed of many planets. There are many days of God in paradise, which is the world's life that has been used to use endless wisdom and strength, look at the world's live prosperity. Some Dark Master can freely shuttle in each planet of this world without being discovered by God.

On a planet called the earth, many young temperaments have lived, and their silently lives in the earth people, and they don't bother this beautiful and calm planet. Some of them have also been implemented by the old age. Another death planet named Netherealm is used to detaine some evil souls, and the earth people call it "burning hell." Death Planet has had a lot of rulers, most of them are born in the abyss of the flame, and eventually cruel overthrowing their predecessors.

After the formation of the Earth, Shinnok, which was one of the old age, was tempted by greed and rights. He decided to return the earth into yourself, and use his incomparable power to rule the earth. In order to make his evil plan not interfere with other Gods, Shinnok has created a unique and powerful amulet. When Shinnok came to the Earth, he met a young hero-the guardian of the earth Ray God Raiden. Since then, two people have been launched, and the earth is therefore caught in the darkness of hundreds of years. Because of the help of other old age, Raiden finally won the victory of this war and extends Shinnok to death planet.

SHINNOK suffered thousands of years of pain torture on death planet ruled by Lucifer. After the earth seeks to the light, people were convened to build a temple on West Marra Yam, which was used to store the amulet manufactured by Shinnok. In order not to harm the human beings again, Raiden personally assigned four guardians (each person represents a natural force) - Tongzhen, Water God, Vulcan and Fengshen to guard the temple. Without this amulet, Shinnok can't return to the earth. For a few centuries, people in one generation of this story. In the end, no one knows this legend. But there is also a passport on the earth to uncover this secret and can find the road to the Temple of West Marra.

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