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Lonely Tibetan fox

Lonely Tibetan fox (Picture 1)


Tibetan foxes are mainly distributed in China, India and Nepal. Distributed in the plateau, it is widely distributed in Tibet. Tibetan foxes live alone, usually in caves where droughts and floods occur. Feed on voles, hares, birds and fruits. Tibetan foxes are foxes of the fox family that are not well-proportioned. Their heads are even bigger than their bodies. Tibetan foxes also play a role in the control of harmful animals in the grasslands. Tibetan foxes mainly eat rodents and are animals that are very beneficial to agriculture and animal husbandry.

Tibetan foxes are found in semi-arid to arid regions of alpine meadows, alpine grasslands, desert grasslands and mountainous areas at an altitude of 2000 to 5,200 meters. Tibetan foxes live alone, but they can also see the breeding of families for young people. Tibetan foxes mainly have morning and evening activities, but also see other activities throughout the day. The caves are found at the base of large rocks, old river banks, low slopes and other similar locations. There are 1~4 exits in the nest, and the diameter of the hole is 25~35 cm. The food is mainly pika and rodents. A study showed that 95% foods were plateau pikas (O. curzoniae) and small rodents (pine voles, alpine rats, squirrels); Tibetan foxes occasionally eat insects, birds and berries.

Adults can grow up to 1 meter in length, although they look fat, but they are actually puffy. Their true weight is only about 9 pounds, which is a little heavier than the cats raised at home. The reason why Tibetan foxes look so fat is because their hair is very long and fluffy. After all, it is living in the plateau of three or four kilometers above sea level. If there is no thick fur to keep out the cold, it will not survive. Tibetan fox is a very detached animal. Unless it is during mating, it is a loner, and it is a unique solitude.

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