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Morpho Helena

Morpho Helena (Picture 1)


Morpho Helena is a beautiful and dreamy butterfly. The whole wing is like a blue spray on the blue sea. Its color and pattern are very spectacular. It is known as the most beautiful butterfly in the world. Its whole body is purple-blue, and the blue of its front wings has deep blue, blue and light blue. The whole wing is like a blue sky with a beautiful aura. The color is beautiful, the body is graceful, and the wings are like peacocks. Therefore, there is a saying of "goddess". Morpho Helena is found in the tropical rainforests of the new tropical world, such as the Amazonian virgin forests, as well as the dry deciduous forests and secondary forests of South America. They fly quickly, the male butterfly has a domain, and the metallic luster reflected from the wings indicates the scope of its field to other male butterflies.

Morpho Helena is large and magnificent, with a wingspan of 75-100 mm. It has a bipolar shape and its life history includes four stages: eggs, larvae, pupa and adults. The male butterfly has a shiny metallic blue luster, greenish white luster and orange-brown luster. The antennae are slender, about one-third the length of the front wings. The abdomen is short, the bottom of the wing is brown, and there are streaks and rows of eye spots, but the eyes are hairless, the male forefoot has a long hair on the sac, and the hind wing is open. The reason for the brilliance of Morpho Helena is that the butterfly wings are covered with scales containing a variety of pigment particles. The denser the color ridges on the scales, the stronger the flash. The scales of the butterfly are more complicated in structure. When the light hits the wings, it will produce physical phenomena such as refraction, reflection and diffraction, which produce a rainbow-like brilliant color under the action of optics.

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