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Human friend, elephant

Human friend, elephant (Picture 1)


The main externally features of the elephants are flexible and muscular and fanned, and the function of entangled is like self-defense and feeding. According to historical records, elephants have become a friend of human beings, and can help human beings. The elephants are very smart, can open up the venue, but also bury the dead companion in the deciduous branches. Elephant life is very long, can be lived around 70 years old, it is mature at the age of 10 and 15 years old, and the pregnancy is 22 months. The elephant is widely distributed, approximately 40 million years ago, in addition to Oceania and Antarctica, all continents have its footprints, but now there are two major classes of Asian elephants and Africa. Elephants are widely distributed in the tropics and subtropical regions of South and South Asia and Southeast Asia, southern Africa, and Southeast Asia, and are mainly produced in India, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and other countries. There are also small wild populations in Xishuangbanna area in Yunnan Province. African elephants and African forest elephants are widely distributed in African continent south of Sahara, like groups.

Like a group of animals, family-oriented, by maid, time, action route, foraging location, habitat, etc., etc. And the adult maleography only assumes responsibility for defending family safety. Sometimes a few groups gather together, forming a large group of hundreds of elephants. Elephants can communicate with the vocal wave of humans. In the case of uninterrupted, it can generally spread 11 kilometers. If the medium caused by the gas stream is uneven, only 4 kilometers can be spread, if in this case To communicate, the group will be a feet together, produce powerful "vigorous" sound, this method can spread 32 kilometers away. How do you hear the elephant in the distance? Can't you attach your ears to the ground? In fact, the elephant is conducted with bone, when the sound wave is passed, the sound wave will pass the bones along the back to the inner ear, while the fat on the elephant face can be used to mean.

African is living in tropical forests, jungles and grassland, which is the most existing land mammal. Group, to lead by a female, daily, no settlement. Food with wild grass, leaves, bark, and tender branches. The reproductive period is not fixed, about 22 months during pregnancy, 1 digit, 13 ~ 14 years old, life expectancy for 70 years. Beijing Zoo began to raise its exhibition in 1954. African elephants are the most existing land mammals, and their body length is 1 to 7.5 m tail length is 1 to 1.3 meters, and the shoulder is 4.5 meters high and the weight is 7,000 kg. The highest record is a male, the body is 11 meters (including the nose and tail), and the front foot is two meters, and the weight is 13,000 kg. The largest ivory record is 350 cm long and weighs approximately 107 kilograms. The extinked Northern African grasslands are relatively small, only 3.4 to 3.7 meters high, with a weight of about 8.9 tons, and the body is imitation of the African forest.

Asian is living in tropical forests, jungles or grassland. Group, by a female, no fixed habitat, day line. Poor vision (mainly due to the longer than the eyelashes, affecting vision), sniff, auditory spiritual, hot bath. Food in the morning, with wild grass, leaves, bamboo leaves, wild fruits, etc. The reproductive period is not fixed, 20 to 22 months during pregnancy, each 1, 9 ~ 12 years old, life expectancy of 70 ~ 80 years. Asian Izon is very high, the temperament is warm, and it is very easy to domestication. Citizens in many countries (especially Thailand and India) in Southeast Asia and South Asia have domesticated them to ride, serviced and perform, etc. The training process of performances, riding and labor is often very cruel, and the animal trainer uses sharp pictures and continuous beats to destroy their will, forcing them to succumb. This process will cause irreversible damage to their physiology and psychology, so Asian elephants used to perform, riding and labor often have serious behavioral abnormalities.

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