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Beautiful tulips

Beautiful tulips (Picture 1)


Tulips are perennial herbaceous plants of the genus Tulipa in the family Liliaceae, with bulbs. Tulips are widely considered to be native to Turkey and are the national flower of Turkey, the Netherlands, Hungary and other countries. Tulips are world-famous bulbous flowers and excellent cut flowers. The flowers are vigorous and upright, the leaf pigments are elegant and beautiful, and the lotus-like flowers are dignified and attractive. It is regarded as a symbol of victory and beauty in Europe and America. After long-term hybrid cultivation by horticulturists, there are more than 8,000 varieties in the world. There are about 150 species that are mass-produced, among which red, yellow, and purple are the most popular.

Tulips are native to the Mediterranean coast, Central Asia Minor, Turkey and other places. Due to the Mediterranean climate, tulips are adapted to the cold and humid winter and dry and hot summer. They are dormant in summer, take root in autumn and winter and sprout but do not unearth. They need to pass the low temperature in winter and start around early February of the second year (temperature above 5℃). It stretches and grows to form stems and leaves, which are characteristic of flowering in March to April. The suitable temperature for growth and flowering is 15-20℃. Flower bud differentiation is carried out during the summer storage period when the bulbs are dug out from the pots when the stems and leaves turn yellow. The suitable temperature for differentiation is 20~25℃, and the highest temperature should not exceed 28℃.

Tulips are long-day flowers that are sunny and sheltered from wind. The climate is warm and humid in winter and cool and dry in summer. It can grow normally above 8℃, and generally can withstand the low temperature of -14℃. It has strong cold tolerance. If there is thick snow cover in severe cold areas, the bulbs can survive the winter in the open field, but they are afraid of scorching heat. If the summer comes early and the summer is very hot, it will be difficult for the bulbs to survive the summer after dormancy. A slightly acidic sandy loam with rich humus, loose, fertile, and good drainage is required.

Tulip reproduction methods commonly used methods of dividing the ball and sowing. The cue ball planted that year will grow 1-2 large bulbs and 3-5 small bulbs around it at the same time after a season of growth. It can be planted separately according to the size of the bulbs. The big bulbs can flower in the same year after they are planted, and the small bulbs can also flower after 1-2 years of cultivation. The sowing and propagation of tulips are mostly used for cultivating new varieties. The seeds are harvested before the capsule matures and cracks, and the sand is sown in indoor pots until October. Keep it moist and only germinate in the spring of the following year. Flowering in about 3-4 years.

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