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Dahlia, flower

Dahlia, flower (Picture 1)


Dahlia, a perennial herb, has a huge rod root. Stems are erected, multi-branched, high 1.5-2 meters, thick. Originally produced in Mexico, Mexicans regarded it as generous, rich symbol, so respecting it as a national flower. Daishi flower is suitable for flower beds, flowers or in front of the foreground, and dwarf varieties can be planted. From the flower shape, the dahlia has a chrysanthemum shape, lotus shape, peony, crab claw, etc., the diameter of the flowers is like a small mouth size, and there is more than 30 cm. Their colors, not only monochromatic, yellow, orange, purple, light red and white, but also a variety of more beautiful colors.

DAHLIA has planted in most countries, and there is a new variety. According to statistics, the daisy varieties have exceeded 30,000, which is one of the largest species in the world. Daoli flower color flower is famous, colorful, is one of the world's famous flowers; it can also be promoted and spread, there is a certain medicinal value. Daishi is small, the film is good, and the general family can be planted, the flowers are long, the roots will be in the next few in March. In mid-June, it can be blooming, and can be opened to the frost, which can also beautify the courtyard, but also give Farmers bring economic benefits, so the courtyard is a good direction.

The reason why Dahlia is called one of the world's famous flowers, mainly because of its long flowers, large flowers, and flowers. In the northern region, the flower period from mid-November, the anniversary flowers will continue to flow in the temperature suitable condition, and the flowers are most prosperous after autumn. The largest flower diameter of the boutique daily can reach 30 ~ 40cm, which is unique in flowers. Colors are red, purple, white, yellow, orange, ink, colorful seven major colors, flowers have single flaps and heavy flaps, single-petal flowers open, heavy flowers have a long time. The variation of flowers and the varylands is the main basis for the identification of varieties, with spherical, chrysanthemum type, peony, decorative type, disc, hydrangea and peony model, etc., the flowers are beautiful.

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